How you can tell if a fearful part of your personality is active, and what to do to change your mentality.

So, I know this is one of those topics, where we go from a regular conversation to a self-help seminar, lol 🤗 But, I was sifting through an old notebook today, and I came across this page that inspired me to share a message.

Now, normally, I wouldn’t think twice about sharing this kind of stuff as a blog post, but since it’s a recurring topic in my life, I thought I’d help Raise some self-awareness and offer better choices in life, based on how we perceive and respond to our challenges.


So, shit. You’re facing an obstacle, in life, whether it’s your mindset, your health, finances, or lifestyle – And you’re trying to overcome this level and really grow yourself forward.

How can you determine which parts of you aren’t fully aligned and might be trying to unintentionally self-sabotage your efforts for real and meaningful change?

And, more importantly, how can you identify when this fearful part of you is active, so you can let it go and grow beyond it once and for all?

No matter what area of your life needs work, it doesn’t have to take years to get to your optimal state. What it does take is awareness of where you are right now, and a plan for where you want to be.

Here are my favourite steps for noticing when a part of you is dealing with a limiting belief, how to let it go to cultivate a healthy, lifelong perspective that will support what you truly hope for.


1.     For one, determine what areas of your life you think need work.

Are you struggling with your work, a state of mind, shitty habits that prevent your growth, or dealing with something that you want to overcome? Define what patterns you want to outgrow, and elaborate ways you can get started on rewiring your mentality.


2.     What are your thoughts about the subject?

Determine if your thought patterns are becoming judgmental, critical, fearful, hopeless, violent, or limiting in any way. Your thoughts are your indicators that there is previous programming, and that you have a pattern that ideally, you’d like to change. What thoughts will, now, support the creation of a better outcome, and propel you towards shifting towards your higher state?


3.     Scan for physical sensations in your body. (Pain, discomfort, stress, anger.)

Your body will tell you the state of your energy. If you have any unconscious worries that arise when thinking about a topic, limitations you’ve set upon yourself that you would like to challenge; whether you experiencing fears and physical symptoms, or beliefs that contradict your optimal state, your energy and body will let you know. At any time, if you’re experiencing any sort of physical discomfort, it shows that you are out of balance in an area of your life. Change the energy within your mind and body, and the outcome will follow.

Feeling your best is actually one of the most influential factors of your overall quality of life. It is imperative you remember that your natural state is healthy. Any stressful or unhealthy thinking will result to far more detrimental effects to your vital health than any other form decay. Stay aligned with healthy, vital, and rejuvenating energy, and your physical state will reflect that.


4.     Define your triggers and point out your Limiting beliefs

So, you can tell that something isn’t aligned. A part of you might be triggered and want to withdraw from a situation, but you want to stop yourself and consciously choose how you want to feel. Determine what it is you’re truly upset about. An experience may have triggered your reaction, but what is the reaction about? Your thoughts, feelings, and impulses could be another great pointer of an area you need to tend to.


5.     Detach yourself from what you think is happening.

No matter how convincing the story may be in your head, the truth is unless it’s optimally making you happy, and truly letting you enjoy the moment, it’s a perspective that you need to release. Learn how to pull yourself out of your head, and consciously rewire you think about each situation. Are your opinions and expectations pulling you away from enjoying the moment?


How you can cultivate the more loving and positive aspects of your personality.

It’s one thing to eliminate the root of negativity in your life, now it’s time grow a new area with conscious positivity. Focus on thinking deep and empowering affirmations, while breeding physical sensations that feel good and make you happy. Eventually, you’ll outweigh the limiting beliefs with positive affirmations, and shift your mindset entirely in each area of your life.


It becomes so simple to Define what your happiest and best life looks like when you begin to imagine all the details that embody your dreams. This is recreating your state of mind towards what you ideally want you live out. Consciously bringing awareness to your current patterns, and compassionately reprograming yourself to think more aligned thoughts is key to developing a new belief system.


I ended up releasing my unconscious intentions, and building my beliefs around creating love and harmony in my life, by simply choosing to feel how I’d rather feel – instead of falling into a constant pit of victimization and self-pity.


Most of the time, this knowledge will suffice to pull you out of a downwards spiral. But, if your mood is really pulling you down (and we know it happens,) you have to try a little harder to center yourself and get back to your best state. So, here are some of my most precious tips.

 Obviously, you need to be excruciatingly honest with yourself if you wanna get out of this state. Sometimes you really do just have to snap yourself out of it, and realize that life isn’t working against you. But I get it. It’s easier to go for the comfort of disappointment, than the uncertainty of your success. Don’t give up trying though. Most people fall when it gets too overbearing, but the state of your negative thoughts is just your gateway to a better mindset. They’ll show you exactly what you no longer want to carry, and push you towards finding what you truly want.


6.     Reality checks for Negative Thinking

What are you trying to prove by continuing to let yourself feel this way? What shitty belief system or limitation are you clinging to that no longer supports how you want to feel? Can you choose thoughts and interpretations that make you feel best? The more you elaborate on your ideal state of living, the more you’ll find ways to embody that mindset.

It’s crucial to humble ourselves when it comes to reality checking our own beliefs. What are you trying to keep up by letting yourself believe you’re powerless? Are you unconsciously letting yourself fall back out of fear or expectation?

Obviously, there’s a whole list of other thought processes you have to go through to pull yourself away from a negative thought cycle. But, these are good ways to spark awareness towards the way we react, so we can consciously choose to let ourselves think better.


It all starts in your mind. If you can shift your mindset towards believing in yourself, and allowing yourself to receive the life you want to live, then you will open yourself to experiencing life beyond your current measures.


Imagine it, believe it, live it, my dears <3

I hope this blog post serves you well the next time you’re faced with some difficult emotions, and that this article contributed towards the betterment of your mindset.


All my love, butterflies.

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