I'm giving you a gift! A Special Tool for Telling your Story!

To all my story tellers and message conveyers, I’ve got something special for you. 🙌🏻

While we may not have gotten the chance to connect, I am still rooting for you. I know how hard you’re all working and I know how you love to get the results you’re working for.

To anyone who is new to my outlet, I would love to give you my warm welcome. It’s a pleasure to cross paths and a privilege to get to know you.

As a token of support and kindness to each one of you, I would love to help you grow your presence. The world needs what you’ve got, and this is your chance to give it to us. Whether you're trying to extend your practice to the right audience, connect to a loyal following, or simply broadcast your ideas into the world, it would be my gift to offer you some resources.

My gift to you is a structure, a template in which you can use to present your message gracefully.

Next time you go to post your story, share a captured moment and a token of wisdom in your picture. Accent your page beautifully with these templates you can use to get creative in your social circle. If you want to raise awareness or simply show off a nice photo, you can design a beautiful method for conveying your message.

If you would like to delight in these templates, please visit the page below. You’ll be given these 10 templates to work with, each completely customizable to your ideas.


11 PSD files

High Resolution Templates that fit your Instagram Story

Image/Layer Customization via Smart Object

Backgrounds included

Layered PSD files (Photoshop, or similar app, needed.)

Looking forward to connecting with you, and seeing more of your stories!

With all my love,
Sarah Elle

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