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Hey beautifuls!

As I stay tuned into my Higher Self, aligning myself to the state of mind that will keep the right ideas flowing in for my greatest growth and evolution, I was exposed to a set of experiences this weekend, that pushed me SO FAR out of my comfort zone, but brought me to a place of impeccable focus – where I came to the realization that I could be, and my platform is - finally ready for a new expansion.

Woah. So, what on Earth does that mean?! It means TheButterflyEffect (AND I,) are ready to introduce to you A WHOLE NEW DIMENSION of this blogging platform. YES! So, here’s what I’m really saying!

Guys! I am OFFICIALLY opening my platform (also known as my treasure in life, lol) to all the creative individuals of the world. I’m sharing my network of avid readers and enlightenment-searching souls to Anyone, out there, who wants to share their wisdom or their message.


Use my connections and platform to submit your most insightful works, and we’ll feature your articles to our private network. You can benefit from thousands of readers, add your social links and share your greatest works to TheButterflyEffect blog!

 No matter what topic your guest post is targeting, we’ve got an endless list of readers who would love to learn what you know! Whether you’ve got tips in business, insights for personal development, empowering blog posts for cultivating confidence, or happiness… no matter what you have, our readers pray for what you’ve got!

With every blog submission, TheButterflyEffect planner will feature you as a guest-blogger on our platform. With every article you submit, we’ll share your piece(s) to our website, with all your pictures, links and social references. You will receive an exclusive shout out to all our readers, and a FREE share to our private mailing AND texting list.


This is the best way to get your name as a blogger out there - without the hassle or years of manual growth. You don’t need years of prior experience to gather the right crowd for your blog. Start here, and grow your community of like-minded readers by using TheButterflyEffect’s platform of over 10,000 subscribed readers to get your name known!


All blog posts can be Submitted here. Share your article(s) and, upon acceptance, you will be featured on our blog and shared to over 50,000 other engaged readers who are interested in your articles.


Finally, you can share your articles with your friends and family to gain additional engagement to your posts. Get your loved ones to share your post and use our trademark as your personal reference.


Now. The only reason I’m doing this (from the bottom of my heart) is because I know how hard it is to start your own blog and manually gather viewers, readers and subscribers without any initial traction. Luckily, my five years in creating and developing TheButterflyEffect to where it is now has finally served its purpose.

I am beyond blessed (but also grateful for how much progress we’ve made) to, now, say we have hit the 300,000 views-per-month range (something I could never have imagined would come true.)

I want to offer my (hard-earned) platform to other bloggers and creators who want to empower the world with their message, but don’t yet have the platform or following to broadcast their ideas to an engaged community of readers and dreamers. This is your stepping stone.


TheButterflyEffect planner will serve its purpose in supporting souls across the globe to imagine, create, and live their highest truth. We’ve finally come to a point where people are eagerly waiting for their next piece of insight, and the wisdom they’ll be passed on for deeper growth and enlightenment.

You can offer them the wisdom they need, while we offer you an opportunity to grow without all the hard work necessary in between.

If you’re a blogger, a writer, or any sort of creator, and you want to find your soul-community; use TheButterflyEffect as your stepping stone towards finding the right people who need your message.


Submit your articles and link in the page here.

All blog posts must come with Author Name, Social Links, Website links (if any), Email, a Proof-read copy of your blog post. Submit your Article here today!

If you want to add a Custom Thumbnail to your Blog Post, or have any other photos or videos you’d like to include, please submit the Required Details to our email here!

I love you all and can’t wait to start connecting with you guys, offering you a chance to grow without all the bullshit on the side.

I want to see you succeed and offer you the chance to grow organically, and use our platform to find the right audience for your goals.

Wanna get started now? Here you go!

All my love, babies!

Sarah & TheButterflyEffect planner <3

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