You Must read this book if you’re serious about changing your vibe or life.

Hello my gods and goddesses, <3

I found this book yesterday, and from the moment it touched my life, I knew it was going to charge me forward in life, even if I wasn’t ready for it.🥴

I don’t normally post these recommendations, nor do I ever really post urgent matters…

But, shit. This book got me in a clench, and got me in full force with my Inner Self - facing the reality that I must enter in order to start really living my life.👆

The book is called Excuse me your Life is Waiting, and it’s written by Lynn Grabhorn.

Now, I don’t know where you latest book store is, or why you’re not picking it up right now – what I am aware of is that this book possesses a priceless sum of wisdom for anyone who’s truly ready to see change in their existence.


There are so many personal and knowledgeable factors as to why I would highly suggest this book. But, let’s simply start with the absolute lessons.


I start this book already, as a spiritualist, someone who’s in deep with the mind, trying to become the absolute best version of Self I can be. I am always looking for ways to optimize my life, in the pursuit of a much more significant purpose.

I have much familiarity with the concepts of Lynn Grabhorn’s mind, some of which are frequencies, emotional intelligence, Self-discovery, and personal realization. Now, this book inspired such a deep revolution in my mind and body. I recently discovered the fundamental truth that it’s not always about what you think, but more importantly about how you feel.

This book has blended the core physics of science and reality, and married it perfectly to the mystifying truths and divine insights of the universe. I instantly leveled up to an energy-awareness of all that my body was expressing. Learning deeply inside that I am guided, not only by my senses but a far more complex Source within me.

If you thought there couldn’t be another way to convince you that this book is a blessing – Lynn will also empower you within every sentence that you can feeeel your way to finding your own Highest Truth.


It’s just about what feels good or bad. Naturally, our beings are in a state of health, joy and freedom. It’s the outdated condition of our mind and bodies that store energy that repel our better feelings. If you want to be happy, the very core of the truth is – you just have to feeeeel yourself happy.


You’ll notice, as you keep reading – that your pursuit on this journey will take a fundamental turn. You are now faced with the absolute truth of your being, it’s up to you now to pursue it and create it, or close the book and leave it. 👁

Like… for real. I’m not only recommending this book because I’m in absolute awe with this masterpiece, I am offering you a priceless token of wisdom that will completely change your life.

I get it… “What’s the catch?”

Nothing. Even if you do decide just to read this at a random period in your life, the benefits you will reap will be long lasting. You can open or close the book at your own discretion, or even close this blog post and continue with your life.

From my experience with this revelation in the last 48-hours of my life, I’m just offering an immense tool for finding ways to make your life work for you. This could be a key for your next movement. 🗝️

IMG_9697 2.JPG

What I really found stood out about this book was a passage in one of her earlier chapters. She brings light to the reality that we’re always buying these self-help books, but never making the lasting change. That’s probably because we’re still carrying around all the same energies we always have been, and still living in our shitty bubble because we’re not living in our own truth.


So, yes. This book flaps between highly spiritual and totally casual. I am astounded by the level of progress and healing I’ve made in the last 24 hours alone.


Mind you. I’m serious about my journey. There are so many areas of my life I am dedicated to master. If you’re anything like me, you want to know the secrets and the truths of the universe, not only outside of you, but the one(s) within you. You want to learn everything there is to know about creating the most beautiful and well-lived life that you can. There is a deep level of awareness coming to you, one which is naturally coming to light. If you’re beginning to sense that there is something deeper to you, or you already know you’re a particle in manifestation (lol, I am so in love with that)🤗, it’s time for you to understand, and it’s time for you to step into your power.✨✨


Now, this book can go either way, so I’ll throw in my two-piece on how to decode what Lynn is talking about, even if you don’t know what she’s talking about.


On a spiritual level, you’ll be pushed towards a new awareness of what’s going on in your mind and body. You’ll learn that the feelings you’re physically feeling are simply energy that you are harnessing, and you’ll be presented opportunities to heal them as they arise, and create higher vibrations through every passing moment. You’ll recognize that your thoughts are a symptom of your emotional-energetic state, and your physical body is giving signs as to what you need to tend to. You don’t have to dive deep in the process, you simply have to focus on feeling higher vibrational emotions.


Now, to a regular student of life, someone who just came across a pretty website and has no idea what they just walked in on… 🤪🤗

The point is to start noticing when you’re not feeling so great. 😒

The absolute truth is that you are a naturally happy, positive, healthy, and prosperous being. You have carried these shitty mentalities in your mind for a long time and you’re beginning to wonder if there’s anything beyond this annoying cycle. There is.

excuse me.jpg

You can create the f*cking life of your dreams.

You can f*cking do it!

You just have to master this one thing.

Your feelings.


“Ah shiet…. there it is. Lol🙄😬”

It’s true. When I first read the book – even though I was absolutely praying for this kind of opportunity in my life – I wasn’t ready for the drastic change it was going to inspire within me so soon.


I’m feeling my shit now. I am calling myself on my own damn bullshit. I can see my bullshit!




And, by laws of the effing universe, that’s what is holding me back from fully achieving what I want!


I’m feeeeeling like shit! My vibe was so low about these things!


I saw it, I called it, I changed it, I love it!

Ayyy!! No. 

I wanted something way up here, BUT I WAS WAY DOWN THERE!


So, here it is guys. You want to live the life you know you’re meant to live?


Let go of the bullshit that’s making you feeeel like you can’t achieve it.

If you feel upset about a topic in your life, work your way through it by thinking the thoughts that will really make you feeeel good, and feeeel like you got it. Stop sending bad vibes out to the parts of your life you want to better. Stop listening to the thoughts that tell you (especially the quiet ones) that you can’t achieve the life or state you truly want.


Be accountable for your own life, assume your role as the ♕BOSSSS ASSS BITCCHH♛ you wanna be. 💅🏼💕


I really hope this blog post will get you involved, get you excited, and get you to read this book. 💯



So, far, it’s been 48-hours and My Whole Life (for the first time) is Right In front of Me.💡


From the joy and revelation Lynn has sparked in me, I hope to inspire the same in you. Get yourself the book, from the depths of your mind, body and spirit you gotta Know What you are, and STEP INTO YOUR POWER!!!!!✨✨


I love you all so much!

I’ve got so much more coming for you soon!


Stay close, butterflies!🦋


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