Using your emotions as your compass through life

Let's start with a simple question. I know the title of this post is kind of controversial, but here's a Q&A to help you settle that.

How does it feel to be afraid?

Think of the last few trigger words that might send you into fight or fleeing your brain. Think of shameful memories or important decisions you have to make that might bring up some fear or confusion. Just imagine anything that makes your body and mind feel like something just isn't right?

Do you feel that?

Now, how does it feel to be at peace?

How does it feel knowing that everything you want is on the up-and-up? Or, the sensations that tingle your heart and spine when you're getting what you want. Think about the only thing you want so bad, and then let your body tell you how it feels about that.

Comfortable? Peaceful? At ease? In love?

Here are some emotions that are perfect for guiding you towards where you want to be.

A few days ago, I ran into a serious problem... with myself. I was torn between the same old scary patterns and deciding to go in a new direction, in my life, the one that simply brought me peace. It's a lot easier to let go of all the sh*t in your life when you measure what's worth keeping by how much peace it brings you.

Think of the first trigger that sends you into impatience, or fear, or whatever that disrupts you from feeling comfortable with life.

Got it?

Now, feel those sensations this thought is bringing you, and replace it with the idea or desire you have that brings you the highest sense of love and calmness. Yes?

For me, it usually feels like fears of being disowned, abandoned without explanation, or losing my place at home. When those thoughts pop up and make me feel like I have to make an immediate decision to leave or get left, I'll try this new thing called "thinking of what brings me the absolute most peace, safety, and comfort that I can imagine."

Want your answer? There it lies.

A lot of us make rational and abrupt decisions when the energy of fear comes banging down the doors. It's hard. It's freaking loud. It's heavy. And, for all it matters, it feels like shit. This emotion sends stress into your body, makes you think your whole world is at risk, and triggers you into feeling unwanted, alone, and in danger.

It inhibits off all your "right-thinking" receptors as disrupts the natural circuitry of your brain. Trying to make the right decision? It won't happen feeling like this!

So, when you want the right decisions to come naturally, try thinking of the things that naturally bring you peace. Nothing bad ever happens when you're feeling good vibrations. If you want to feel loved, while your mind is overwhelmed with thoughts of separation and unwantedness, try simply thinking of the thoughts that make you feel cared for - and replace your fear with the comfortable feeling of being at "home."

When you're afraid that the world will fall apart, and you get that dread in your chest, imagine whatever thoughts or scenarios will bring you the feeling of "all is well." Whether it's imagining yourself on a warm beach with your loved ones, or thinking of the next best thing that's about to happen; the point is to think of thoughts that carry the energy of peace and comfort and embody the feelings of freedom and love.

Returning to a comfortable state of mind has been a controversial topic for some time, in my life. I think we were all raised to think that comfort means stagnant and that when you're "comfortable" you're not growing. It's wrong.

Instead, view comfort as a natural state of mind you should always seek as your defining factor between whether you're in the right state or a fearful state. If your mind uses the energy of comfort as a guiding point, you will only proceed to take action that makes you feel good and at ease.

When energy and thoughts of fear invade your space, your energy is sending out the wrong signals. Use your emotions as your compass to return to whatever brings you the most peace. Then, by using thoughts as tools to maneuver your emotions, you can think of what returns you to your ideal state of being. Those thoughts, those dreams, ideas, and desires are what you should follow; not what brings you fear and isolation.

I hope the world finds this little article.

Fear is necessary to show us where we don't want to go. Without it, we wouldn't know what's important to us and what to look for, in life. But, it's your wants and dreams you should be following, not the dread and terror [that only come to remind you of what you need to return to.]

Use your thoughts as tools to shift your emotions, and follow your energy of a peaceful, comfortable, and loving mind at ease. From there, you’ll always be guided in your best direction.

Making the world a more peaceful place, one emotion at a time.

Yours truly,

Sarah Elizabeth