The Daily Meditations that supported my Success.

Do you ever wake up feeling scattered and unmotivated? How many times have you gotten to your desk with the best intentions and, when faced with the beginning of your workload, you crack under pressure?

It used to happen to me all the time. Sometimes, days at a time actually, I would lose my flow and completely blow off my goals, because I didn’t have the mindset to accomplish my work.


Truth is, your mentality is where it all begins. If you’re ready, you’re inspired, and your creative flow is abundant, nothing stops you from getting it all done. But! If you’re stressed, your mind is overwhelmed with so many different tasks and ideas, gooooodluck getting anything done.


So, I’m writing up this post today, to share my best meditations for getting into a relaxed, creative state, and – for the days where nothing seems to be working out for your – get you in a state of energy where you are positive, calm and mindful, so you can tackle even the longest to-do list with ease and confidence.


1.     Taking a shower, Shower meditations

This is for those who wake up and already know “shit, I’m just not having it today.” Shower meditations are one of my most powerful techniques for washing off any stress or negativity (ha, literally) and cleansing your mind to prepare for the day ahead. Usually, you’d do it at the beginning or end of your day.

The morning shower meditations are for relaxing before working yourself up into creativity and flow. Turn up the heat, breathe in the moisture, and cleanse your mind of any overwhelm.

I also love visualizing the water being full of healing particles, being showered with positive energy, and imagining the water as whatever I desire to bring more of into my life.


At first, it does feel corny… you’re like “ouh, this water is abundant, it’s restoring my body parts and healing my mind.” But, once your mind gets over it, it can be such a powerful meditation for relaxing and getting into an alert and responsive state.


2.     Meditate or do some mindful breathing

Another form of meditation I do for slowing down and getting creative is to do some mindful breathing exercises. Too often do we get caught up in the rush of the workday and forget to take things moment-by-moment. If you’re anything like me, stopping to consciously breathe only happens when you’re too worked up or on the verge of a mental breakdown.

So, don’t wait until you’re panicking or rushing everything to slow down and breathe deep breaths. Even when you’re working, in a creative flow, or you’re getting your tasks done quickly and effectively – bring more space into each moment by simply focusing on each breath.


3.     Call upon your intuition, or Connect with inspiration.

Ouh, another corny one, you might think. Have you ever tried it though? Cause if you have, I know you don’t think it’s silly. At first, “calling upon my intuition” was the stupidest thing I ever heard. Then, I stopped listening to the part of my brain that said it was impossible, and the insight came pouring in.


What does it mean to call upon your intuition? To me? Specifically? I’m not the most “mindful, yogic, or spiritual” person you’ll ever meet, but I do believe that asking your brain to solve equations and heighten its state of operating is a fully productive way of increasing your awareness.

When you connect with your intuition, you’re just asking your own Self to step up the game and work to solve a set of puzzles. Whatever your goal may be, whether to become inspired, write a blog post, complete a list of tasks; you’re just giving your brain an order to fire some neurons together that will result in getting clear minded and accomplishing those tasks.

You can ask it questions, and it will search deep within its neural networks to find the best, suitable answer. You can tell it to increase the dose of hormones so you can become clear-minded, inspired, or confident. And, essentially, whatever you tell your intuition (or creative-hemisphere of your brain) it will do whatever it can to meet the frequency or state where it can execute your task(s) and accomplish its goals.


4.     Visualization meditation

Probably my favorite form of meditation, other than mindful breathing. The visualization technique is just about focusing 100% on an idea or scenario. Now, what sets this apart from just using this time to think of cool ideas you want to bring to life and actually making this a powerful meditation technique, is when you begin to embody the energy you would (like to) feel in these imagined scenarios.

Anyone can think about sitting on a tropical beach and looking at the view. What makes an actual practice and a great form of meditation are when you let yourself feel how it would feel to be sitting on that beach. Also, what kind of energy does it bring you? Is it joy? Excitement? Bliss? Embody those feelings too! The more real you can make it appear to your brain, through thoughts, feelings, and energy, the more it comes to believe it and bring you more energy and thoughts that make you feel that way.

And! If you want to take it one step further, ask your brain how you can bring these experiences to life. The more you meditate on it and make it feel real, the more your brain will conjure up ideas to bring those visualizations to life.


So, you see. There are so many different forms of effective meditation. The way I used each of these meditations to support my success is every day I visualized my acquiring big orders and new opportunities. I embodied the energy required to bring each of my ideal scenarios to life and took it one step further by connecting with my intuition and asking for ideas on tasks I needed to complete to accomplish those goals.

Then, I would allow myself to breathe consciously and get into the state of mind required to fulfill my duties, and by the end of the day I would shower off the stress and relax into the rest of my evenings.

Meditation has become one of my most effective methods of staying focused and goal driven. It has allowed me to complete so many different goals and keep a good balance in my own life. Not only has it drastically supported my success, but it has also kept me healthy, happy, inspired, and energy-abundant.

I would strongly recommend anyone incorporate meditation in their life, especially in areas such as mentality, health, career, gratitude, and energy. If you need help boosting your practice or don’t know where to start, my Soul Guidance series was written specifically for acquiring the necessary mindset to live the life that I want to live.


Let me know what your favorite method of meditation is and how it works for you!


Love and light, babies!

Sarah Elle