Curbing your Cravings this Holiday Season!

 Tis’ the season to be… Out of control with the calories, drinks, and indulgence!  

In other words, my favorite cheat season is the Holiday Season. The few times a year I’ll heavily break my commitments to not-overindulging, and go absolutely nuts (and wine, and cheese, and chocolate) with all the food and drinks available to me.

So, I’m using this blog post to share my experience with you and, if you’ve been feeling as shitty as me for the inability to tame your cravings during this end-of-year celebration, I'm here to share some of my fool-proof (or addict-proof) tips for staying balanced when it comes to Holiday Indulgence. 

I get it though, if there’s any time of year to forget your resolutions, fuck the diet, and enjoy five glasses too many of Cabernet Sauvignon, it’s definitely the Holidays. With the New Year around the corner, Christmas staring us right in the face, and the in-law overload and family reunions, there’s no way I could stop myself from slugging back the drinks when no one is looking, and cleaning up the dinner tables by eating everything (literally) in sight.  

Clearly, any regular person would recognize that there’s a problem here. I can only use the “Christmas” excuse one too many times before I realize there might be some Holiday Heaviness I’m feeling, and that I should probably slow down.


So, here’s my moment of honesty.

Lately, I’ve been catching myself auto-piloting towards the sweets table and pouring glasses of wine like a blind man. At first, it was fine for a glass or two while setting the table, cooking the turkey, enjoying the company of my family and friends; but as the nights are rolling in faster towards the New Year, so is my belly.  

So, what should I do from here?

If you’re (one like me,) packing down the Christmas Chocolates, Wining in the New Year with too much Wine, or hiding in the back closet slugging back a few extra servings of stuffing, then “Heyyyyy, join the club!” Not.

We gotta do this! We need to stay on track and know that indulging throughout the holidays and letting loose for the last few days of 2018 is not the same as overdoing it.

So, today (HA, let’s see how long this lasts,) I am re-making the commitment to balance out my diet, my effort, and my moods so that I don’t have to feel like shit during the final hours of the year.

I’m not saying let’s cut out all the (amazing) stuffing, stop enjoying the wine and being drunk around grandpa, or steer clear from the Gifted Chocolates… but! I am suggesting we do it more mindfully.


The holiday season is emotional for a lot of people. It’s sometimes hard to be face-to-face with family members, it’s pretty overwhelming to know that we might not have accomplished all our goals, and I know it’s sooo difficult to resist all the food in the fridge especially when there’s TOO much of it!

But, as opposed to using this as an excuse to fuel our compulsive behavior, why don’t we use our end-of-the-year-energy to make our decisions more mindfully?


Here’s what I’m proposing…

The next time you make your way towards the wine bar (or the chocolates, or the table, or whatever it is for you), stop for a second and just think twice.

And, wait! I’m not saying think twice about doing it (though it might be my personal resolution), but just think a few thoughts. No matter what they are. Think about what you did today, what you want to do, think any positive thought.

I’m suggesting this because it stops us. It puts a hold on the unconscious, auto-pilot behavior, and inspires (even) one moment of clarity, so you can make your decision mindfully, and not just pour 12oz without a breath or second thought. Put a second hold on what you’re about to do, so that instead of just going for it, even if you do, you made the decision to it.

It’s called “Christmas Accountability”… or, just “accountability...” Ahh, Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow!!!! 

But, when you stop yourself and breathe, you’ve added space in your mind and within the moment. Within that two-second bracket [...sounds just about right] you might realize there’s something else you want to do, or just reconsider your decision altogether.

But, even after that, if you do choose to follow through with your decision, then enjoy it. Don’t guilt yourself, because that will fuel a different form of negative energy, and it would put you back in that place of unconsciousness. If you do decide to go for it, just let yourself feel the joy of chocolate, wine, or the Christmas cigarettes.

Ultimately, your resolutions will come back when you want them to, you’ll exercise your discipline another time, and you’ll actually allow yourself to taste the joy of each moment without the fear of guilt.


Well, the Holiday Season could just be the only time of year it’s socially acceptable to over-indulge, but with all that said, let's do it mindfully!

Wishing you all the Happiest Holidays, the most magical New Year, and a glass of wine well-enjoyed!


All my love,

Sarah Elle

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