What to do when you don't like your life.

Heavy topic, isn't it? I'm starting the week with a blog post that states that you may not be satisfied with your existence. And, it's sad to add the fact that two days ago marked my twenty-second birthday, and I'm already starting this new year with such a trivial challenge.

In a sense, it can be a good thing. Nothing sparks real change in your life, like knowing you might be floating in the wrong direction. But, if you're experiencing thoughts and feelings of not enjoying the quality of your life, I'm glad you tuned in so we can overcome this hurdle together.

Just to start, I need you to admit whether you're actually unsatisfied with your life or if you're simply unhappy with a few aspects of your existence. It's perfectly normal to admit that something isn't the way you want or need it, but truly not liking your life may ring a dangerous problem.

Maybe the real answer isn't that you "don't like your life," but rather you're experiencing one of those reality checks that are pointing towards the areas that you need to work on.

Over the last few days, since the final moments of my 21st rotation around the sun, I've experienced a lot of conflicting emotions regarding what my twenty-one years have amounted to. This weekend was, hands down, the best birthday ever. I couldn't be more grateful for the people and love around me, and how happy we were all together.

But, Day 2 of my twenty-second year is looking more like an existential crisis and comparing my life to where (I think) I should be.

So, before I continued writing this blog post, I took a break to think long and hard. What was I missing?

Surely, my answers came from a shallow place. At first, I thought I wasn't close enough to family, I wasn't satisfied with my work, people my age seemed to have more friends or accomplishments than I do. Then, just when I thought I hit rock bottom on the second day of my twenty-second year, something divine dawned on me once again.

My emptiness came from missing the only true connection that I should ever rely on, the connection between myself and the universe.

As I said, I had the best birthday ever. Friends from all over the world, including souls I've never met, wished me sincere wishes. My soul family got together over the weekend to celebrate good vibrations and new opportunities for life. I was surrounded by my perfect balance of friends and family, and I couldn't have asked for a better outcome.

But, as I was busy celebrating with my loved ones, my unconscious mind took no break in reminding me of the one thing I should focus on. I pushed aside some of my personal growth to indulge in my once-a-year celebrations of birthday cake and parties.

By day two, I was ready for reality. But, with all this family time and being with my loved ones, getting back to work this Monday morning left me with an empty pit in my heart.

I took a lot of external gratification and looking outside of myself for answers as to why I was feeling so unsatisfied. I picked up a book that reminded me that no matter what happens on the outside, nothing will ever be fulfilled if that gap on the inside is still left a void and the only thing that can fill that void in your connect to Life and Spirit.

Normally, I live every single day connected to the universe. My mind is naturally attuned to my little (big) inner God. And, I don't go a day without talking to my lucky stars.

This weekend, between entertaining friends and family and letting one day be about me, I didn't have so much time to stop and connect. I could notice the quick decrease in energy, faith, and vitality, but nothing stopped me from doing what I came to do and I knew that a few days "apart" wouldn't do so much harm, especially because I knew how much love we were all radiating.

I enjoyed every moment. All the highs and lows of ending year twenty-one and beginning a new chapter. I experienced deep healing and profound love all weekend, but the one thing that was missing ended up causing turbulence over the next few days.

By the end of the weekend, I had no energy left. I felt lifeless by the end of the weekend, and like I had forgotten or lost something so dear to me. Family members and my closest friends messaged me all weekend, but nothing compared to the love I was longing for... in which I just couldn't seem to find.

By Monday morning, work had no dynamic, life had no spark, and love felt like a distant dream that I was desperate to get back to. I almost hated my life despite the warm memories I had tingling from less than 24-hours ago.

Looking back on it now, if I had known all I needed was a good talk with the universe, all the tears and fears I shed could have been replaced with loving warmth and knowing that all is (still) well. I could have avoided worrying about my place in the world, gone without the dread of losing all who are dear to me and recognizing the blessings that were blazing at me all day.

So, maybe you think you're unhappy with your life. Do you know what will fix it? Not the encouragement that you need a better job, not the expectation of a more loving relationship, and nothing you can ever do, or control, or even count on to fix what is outside of you.

Your level of happiness, success, and safety will only amount to the degree in which you allow (and empower) yourself to tune in to the higher powers of the universe. When you disconnect from the spirit and life force of the universe, you block yourself from connecting to the loving vibrations and guidance you can receive from the highest power of all.

Your dissatisfaction may come from a list of different things. Whether it is a separation of your union with the flow of the universe or the belief that you have to rely on yourself or others to unfold the life you desire. If you are out of tune with the loving vibrations of the cosmos or you've denied that there is something great, out there, looking out for you... In turn of all of these events, you have isolated yourself from your innate connection to the highest power that is your life and forgotten the joy that is your natural state.

You can measure your dissatisfaction with the level of separation you've created between you and the universe. You can measure the love, success, or happiness in your life by how much you tune in to the higher powers of the universe.

True joy and power lie in your connection (and dedication) to the greater force, and happiness in your life is measured by your capacity to tune in to the vibrations of love.

I found out that dissatisfaction is as temporary as you let it be. It's easy to get distracted by fear and the material world, but the only way to cultivate true contentment and happiness is to nurture your connection to the universe and to prioritize this bond before anything else.

Let this be a reminder that you can rely on the universe to help you with all that you wish for. The first step to regaining (and accessing) the results you're looking for is to connect with the life force first.

Make it your daily practice to connect and expect that the universe is always working with you and to notice the miracles is creates in your favor.

The results are instant, and the satisfaction is real and everlasting.

What you're looking for exists already, it is up to you to connect to the vibration of love that will make your dreams reality.

More on this topic soon,

Thanking my lucky stars,

Sarah Elle

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