The ONLY Way to REALLY Clear your Mind

Ah. The good old' "clear your mind" blog post, and the well-known claim that I can help you do it. If you're expecting anything more (or less) than what you already know, I'm sorry, this might not be the post for you. But! If you're ready to face the truth, that there are only a few REAL ways to clear any part of your mind, the very simple facts lay right below this entry.

Let's face it. How do you clear your mind of incessant (though unnecessary) overwhelm? And, what does it take to go from groggy, unhealthy, and toxic thinking, to a clear, open, and clean mind?

The instructions are simple.

Clean your body.

A detoxed body will eliminate unwanted toxins from interfering with a healthier, higher state of functioning. Usually, when you have some sort of vice that includes over-indulging in a substance of some toxic regard, you're putting chemicals in your body that risk the natural flow and well-being of your anatomy. When you limit or cut-out the use of drugs of any sort, you enable the auto-renewal of your body, and eventually, you will clear your body of anything that produces imbalances. Sure, you might not get the high you're looking for, but you certainly won't experience the lows either. Start detoxing your body, no matter how difficult it might be at the beginning, and within a matter of days (or weeks, depending on your use of external drugs or alcohol) you'll stop the withdrawals and re-instate the natural flow of chemicals in your body.

For a long time, I had a bad relationship with smoking and alcohol. I never went long enough to let my body produce its natural chemistry, and always wondered why I was so low. Obviously, with that being the cycle, I turned to smoke to get my high and feel the effects of whatever I did, and sure enough came crashing all over again, to re-begin the process of finding what would make me feel good again. I realized, the effects only lasted so long, and never amounted to the satisfaction I was looking for. It made me uncontrollably high, for two hours, and then absurdly low once the effects would wear off.

I sobered up months ago, after deliberately realizing that I wanted a clear and full-functioning mind all the time. Yes, I had to go through the withdrawals (and even the process of finding my way to the point where I was sick and tired of the vicious cycle) to finally clear myself of years of artificial highs and lows.

When you clean your body of any substance that isn't naturally produced in you, you give your body the chance to do its natural job. Either way, I came to realize that what you put in your body, you'll get out of it. Good, or bad.

Eating easily digestible foods.

Just like any drug of choice, it goes in, does what it's made to do, and naturally eliminates itself from your system. If it's a hardcore drug, it'll take a few weeks to make its way out of your body. If it's food, it goes in, gets processed and distributed for different functions, and eventually makes its way out the other side.

If it's good, clean, natural food, it will take 4-8 hours to digest, do its job, and leave with optimal functions. If, on the other hand, you order a fatty, oily burger, covered in chocolate and mayonnaise, well... good luck with that one...

I realized that food can be a sort of drug. Take chocolate, for instance, goes in nice, gives you a quick sugar rush, then you feel low, and who knows how long it takes to shit.

Take a carrot, on the other hand. Veggies go in, digested and processed, contributes to vitamins, glucose, and whatever; and there, it feels nice on the way out.

If you want a clear mind and a well-balanced body, my greatest reflection for you is to think twice about what you're putting in your mouth. Sugar, pesticides, fat, things we don't even know about, go in the making of our food every single day. The harder it is to process, the less you'll get out of it... and, well... the worse it will feel as a result.

Notice how after a huge bowl of pasta, you can't move. Your body gets tired, feeling full makes you want to sleep, and good luck doing anything active for the next 3-6 hours. Now, think about how you feel after a healthy meal? Energized, fed but not full, and ready to keep moving forward. It takes way less energy to process and digest this, and not to mention, you're getting WAY MORE NUTRIENTS out of it.

When it comes to clearing your mind, it starts by cleansing the body. What you put in, you get out. So put in what will contribute to the even flow of your body, and feed yourself nutrients that take little energy to process and contribute MORE energy to your body naturally.

Stay active.

Oh, this is a big one. Ever heard that sitting is the new smoking? (As I casually stand up from sitting at my desk...) Well, where on Earth are you putting all your energy? Are you letting it fester and stay stagnant in your body, without ever putting it to work? Or, are you giving your body enough physical exercise-time to use that old energy and make space for the new stuff? Just like anything, the more you have or gather, the greater the choice becomes, to store it all or keep the flow of the old moving forward. In the case of physical energy, your body requires at least 30-minutes of movement per day. That's not so much to ask, for your well-being, is it? The minimal time and effort required, to keep your body in a state of Life vs. Decay, is 30-minutes daily.

A walk, a run, carrying something heavy for a few minutes, dancing around, shaking your butt!!! ANYTHING! Keep your body moving. You're alive. Get up and see your neighborhood, or walk in the park. Turn on your favorite song and break up a sweat. Rearrange your closet and clench your butt cheeks. Run down the hall or the parking lot instead of dragging your body to the office. Stand up while you're typing. March to the kitchen. If you're laying on the couch, suck in and sit up 100 times.

The possibilities are endless and require the least bit of effort. If you want to watch the quality of your life and the quality of your mind improve, the absolute minimum you can do is move around! Live your life, use the legs you have, and get that booty moving around! No matter what your goals are, purely physical (been there,) want to lose a couple pounds (seen that,) if you want to gain some muscle (LOVE IT,) or genuinely want to better your health (NEEEEED THIS!) So little for so much, and that shouldn't need convincing.

Hydrate your body.

Yeah, yeah. You've heard it before. Drink your water. I can't tell you how many times I've told my loved ones and had them roll their eyes at me, but for real!!! Cleanse your body with a simple 30-second break every once and a while, and just drink some water. It is the perfect balance or counter-balance for anything you do. Your digestive system depends on it. You'll flush bodily waste. Your airways need it. You'll prevent all sorts of damage by making nutrients and minerals readily accessible. Water will regulate your blood pressure.

For real, the list goes on. Save yourself. Realize that one simple act carries so many benefits. A few simple acts throughout the day, paired with an effort to do what's consciously best for yourself, will benefit you in ways you can't possibly imagine. Drink clean, filtered water. Simple.

Focus on cleaning your mind.

And, last of all; the hardest part, cleaning and detoxing your psyche of the thoughts that cloud your mind. What I meant for this section was to inspire you to do some inner work for cleansing. Determine what thoughts are toxic to you, what you want to clean out of your mind, and filter what you allow and put into your psyche. For me, this part came first. Even before I cleaned up my diet, I stopped putting harmful substances in my body, and while releasing stuck energy; my number one priority was cleaning my mind of toxic thought patterns.

If you can do this, first, the most difficult of these tasks, you'll put yourself ten steps ahead of the game. Once you start detoxing your mind, thinking happy thoughts that are aligned with what you want and letting go of the thinking that brings you stress, everything will come soon after. You'll develop a conscious relationship to your mind which will, in turn, bring you a new level of awareness to your body and what you're putting in it. It will take a while, especially for those whom negative thinking is their drug, their unhealthy diet, and their lack of exercising positive thinking; but surely, like anything, the more you work at it, exercise it, feed it healthy thoughts, you will notice the rest of your wellness begin to take effect.

This blog post has been years in the making. I lived with a constant lack of energy, inner fog, extreme highs and lows, and feelings of grogginess. But, I made it my priority to do what was necessary for my life and overall wellness. A clear mind is the gateway to everything you've ever wanted. You'll learn how to think straight, how to feed your mind and body what you would like to get out of it. With that, anything is possible.

With a healthy body, you'll do anything you want to do in the physical world. With a clear and healthy mind, you will achieve all that you aim for within your inner world.

All of this starts with the fundamental steps.

Wishing you lifetimes of healthy bodies and clear minds,

Yours truly,

Sarah Elle