My Tribute to #BellLet'sTalk - Exploring Emotional Pain.

Hey, everyone…

I want to start this blog post with a warm and loving disclaimer that what you are about to read is deeply personal to me, and took a lot of courage and honesty (with and from myself) to share this piece with you. I think it’s important for me to share, not only from a lack of inspiration to write anything else but also as a form of raising some awareness to a problem I find is occurring in the world (and my world) quite epidemically… (whatever that means.)

And, also, in honor of the #BellLetsTalk movement, I think I’d like to contribute my two-piece and express the quiet truth that not all mental illness is expressed through anxiety, depression, disorders, or whatever… Sometimes it’s as quiet but painful as psycho-physical pain.

So, the last few days, I’ve been experiencing a lot of numbness in my body. As a dedicated specialist in emotional intelligence, my first cue to research any physical illness’ mental and/or emotional cause is when I begin to experience it for myself. A lot of my work has been based in understanding my own (surface and deep) pains, as well as understanding the root of each sensation and the body parts in which they express themselves.

Lately, a large part the left side of my body has undergone a series of numbness, deep tingling and a feeling as though some of my limbs are losing sensation. At first, it was barely triggering my awareness of it but, as the days started playing out, I’m noticing this is becoming a problem.

So, before I lose some of your interest in this post because of the trigger-worthy topic, I want to explain my perception of it.

Unlike many people out there, I am highly sensitive to my body’s physical sensations. I’m quite in-tune what I feel and, especially, in times of emotional vulnerability, I can sense the various feelings in my body that are aiming to express the imbalance of my mental state.


Here’s a little background on that. (Unfortunately, the medical industry is not, yet, focused on revealing the importance of emotional awareness and the deep correlation between how your mental (and emotional) state affect/influence your physical body.) In its simplest explanation, say you’re experiencing a form of mental heart-break, the physical symptoms will express themselves in your chest, heart, and breast areas, as a means for your subconscious mind and body to tell you there’s something that needs to be healed, acknowledged, or tended to.

It’s quite difficult to decipher the meaning of any psycho-emotional pain, on an uninformed basis, because there are so many energy centers in your body, each representing a set of meanings and each influencing a group of physical organs. (Stay tuned for my next blog post to get my explanation of each center, a few examples of the body parts they affect, and the levels, sides, and degrees of sensations you may be experiencing.) Yes, there are sides of your body (left and right) that carry specific meanings and, of course, you’ve got degrees and expressions of pain (deep pain, surface pain, irritation, numbness, total shut-off of organs, etc.)

While this article won’t share an in-depth review of the topic, my following post will.


Back on track, however, my emotional numbness. To begin, it’s expressing itself on the left side of my body, dominantly, and in my heart, my arms, my legs, and my neck.

I thought, at first, I’d dedicate this post to explaining the root and cause of this emotional pain, but considering I haven’t done much diving into it, myself (though I am, on my own time, learning about the mental triggers, the emotional cause, the reason it’s expressing itself in this form, and the how-to’s of healing it), I strongly decided this article would be about sharing the deep importance of becoming aware of and tending to your body’s physical needs.


I didn’t think this problem would escalate, though I am formally aware this is becoming an issue. And, facing the absolute terror of learning about this state of my body, I just want other people to know how absolutely fucking vital it is to inform yourself and not ignore your body’s way to telling you something needs attention.


People. Our bodies are so much more intelligent than we think they are. Our brains, nevertheless, are working in fucking overdrive to keep us healthy and inform us of the state in which we're living. When something is happening to you physically, stop fucking ignoring it. If you’re getting sick, or you’re experiencing physical ailments, STOP FUCKING IGNORING IT.

I don’t know what, on Earth, is teaching us to avoid our bodies, avoid our thoughts, and ignore the energy in which we’re feeling; but it’s the stupidest thing that mankind is doing do itself. Why would you wait until your basically facing life-or-death to finally tend to the body you have?! Why would you wait until you’re flat-lining emotionally, physically, or mentally, to finally address the needs your being has been expressing to you?!


Now, in a sense, it’s not your fault. This is a much larger problem than physical symptoms. In everything we’re being taught, told to do, and distracted from… there’s so many reasons you’re being hidden from the truth that your body carries a far deeper intelligence than you can remotely imagine.

So, please don’t let this bring you fear. Fear could be a majority of the problem, actually. Instead, use this as a cue to start thinking about yourself, your mind, your body and your soul more wisely.

If you’re noticing symptoms of an issue you can’t explain, I, first, commend you for being aware of it. Not all physical ailments are a cause of a deeper mental issue, hahaha, but some are. If you’ve been neglecting parts of yourself, whether mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually, I advise you to stop prioritizing the things that distract you from connecting with yourself and healing your stresses and problems.


Either way, I was hoping to raise some awareness on the topic, and possibly reach the people who needed this the most. 

You’re not alone. It’s okay to go through things like this. Take it as a positive thing… you’re recognizing the true magic and superiority of the being in which you’re inhabiting. But, please. Stop ignoring the issue. May it be a physical symptom you’re experiencing, a mental habit, emotional stressor, or a spiritual issue that needs your attention. Start taking the steps to stop ignoring your needs and the problems that need healing.


I’m with you. If you want to share you message, or get some advice (though I am not a licensed or certified expert), some basic life tips that will inspire you to start pursuing your right direction; I am here. 

Emails, comments, personal messages.

I’m here.


All my love, butterflies.

Sarah Elle