Trading Poverty Consciousness for a Life of Abundance.

I always come across these little posts on Instagram, where unique people across the globe share their two-piece on a post (or a picture,) and raise some sort of awareness on the topic they found to be important to talk about.

Yesterday, I scrolled through this post and the author/face behind the account stated a few things I found to be valuable about what is called “Poverty Consciousness.”

At first, I would have guessed it was the same thing as a broke mindset, but after deliberately meditating on it, I realized it was a much deeper topic than that. 

Poverty Consciousness, in my opinion, is a state of awareness, thinking, and even living that lies in believing that there are rules and limits on our life that cannot be disputed, and they usually focus on lack, fear, scarcity, and poverty. For a drastic majority of us, the world is an unfair and dangerous place, where riches are hard to acquire and there isn’t enough for all of us. In turn, this mentality drives fearful behaviours and actions derived purely out of greed or poverty that put other people at risk for our own “survival.”

Now, I didn’t necessarily write this post to deliberate endless symptoms, causes, and results of the Poverty Consciousness. (I truly believe it speaks for itself.) 

Instead, I chose to break down the various ways we can fight this form of mentality, and begin cultivating (and actually, evolving) a new form of awareness, one which is abundant, safe, wealthy, grateful, and healthy. 

Poverty consciousness, in one sense, is the state of living in fear, lack, and (or) scarcity of any sort. If you were raised in a home where money, food, love, shelter, or opportunities were limited, if resources were restricted during your upbringing, or whether your sense of safety was in some sort jeopardized; as a result of just that, you may be living in a state of Poverty Consciousness. Not to worry, however, because - just as a mentality is built, a new form of awareness can be developed as equally, this time in a direction of infinite possibilities, abundance, worthiness, and prosperity. 

I, too, suffered in poverty consciousness for many years of my life.

No matter what the experiences were that shaped your fundamental belief system, once you become aware that your mindset isn’t optimized for a life of freedom, success, and abundance, you can begin reshaping your point of view to recognize that what you have is already (more than) enough and that there is no limit to what you can achieve (with the right state of mind.)

Say you live with some form of Poverty Consciousness. Your bank account might not be affected, you may live in a safe home, under a safe roof with good people, but in spite of the material proof that you have to feel good around you, you may be feeling broke, limited in life, scared that there may one day no longer be enough, or that you fear everything may one day be taken away from you. In turn, you might act unconsciously, doing things and behaving in ways that support this scarce mentality. But, in your defence, you might not actually know any better. 

You may not always have physical proof to work with, but the belief in lack, scarcity, and limitations you’ve imposed on yourself are definitely happening within. 
And, in spite of not actually seeing it, you might be acting in ways that support your limiting mindset, and in turn create more events in your life that enforce those poor behaviours (which is what keeps the cycle in repetition.)

If even for one moment you believe that you don’t have enough, that your life or basic safety is at risk, or even that you don’t have enough of “whatever it is” you need to survive, you are likely living with Poverty Consciousness. 

So, how do we reverse it?

No one wants to live their life believing that they can’t have or achieve what they want. And, more than that, no one wants to feel limited to what they can have or achieve in their life, especially in contrast to the wealthy, healthy, happy, and successful. 

Here’s the lesson...

For any form of success, abundance, or true potential to take place, you must first begin believing that there is infinitely more than you can imagine available to you. And, you have to do that... right now. 

You have to, first, stop believing that there isn’t enough. According to the law of physics or the laws of the universe, there is an infinite supply of whatever you desire, and in other words, there are no limits on the potential of what you can have or achieve. 

Let’s simply Start there. 

When your mind can fathom, for one split second, that there actually is enough and there is ALWAYS a way to achieve what you want, only there will you truly commence your journey towards Abundance and Prosperity Consciousness. 

But, let’s start with the mediocre tasks; what you can do on a daily basis to rewrite your mindset about money, possibilities, safety, and success. 

Obviously, you’ve got the long list of positive affirmations you can recite to yourself stating that “I am abundant,” “I am safe,” “Money flows to me effortlessly,” and all of that. (Hahaha, if you only knew how crazy I’ve come across as for stating “I am aligned with the Wholly Abundance.”😂) 

... Or, you can skip directly to really telling yourself what you need to hear, and that means facing the part of yourself that is scared of not having or being enough of something.

I don’t know if your personal story is regarding money, success, health, home or physical safety, or if you’re afraid of the potential of life, there not being enough resources or food, or — honestly, whatever is the belief that is causing you to suffer. 

But if you can look within and find whatever beliefs you have that make you feel poor, belittled, incapable of having or achieving what you desire; if you can find any limitation you’ve ever imposed on yourself that makes you think there isn’t (or, you’re not) enough. There is your perfect place to start. 

And, you know what? ALL you have to do is tell yourself what you would rather hear repeatedly so that all you really can do is replace the bad with your good... and, eventually believe it. 

When I first realized that my own mindset believed that I wouldn’t have consistent access to food, that my home-life and having a place I could always rest my head weren’t guaranteed for me, and Boyyyyy, the belief that I was doomed to zero dollars and having a shitty relationship to my success and money; I was bombarded with the list of thoughts that were associated to each of these levels of scarcity. 

I, personally, faced each root memory that  started those beliefs, and went back to each story I told myself about how life “worked a certain way” and that’s why “I can’t have what I want.” 

The most painful realization for me was facing the truth that I, and only myself, formed those beliefs by telling myself the worst version of a story possible and then letting myself believe that that’s what life really was. And, it isn’t. 

After taking ownership over my own beliefs, I started replacing the limiting perspectives with more empowering ones; beginning with the fundamental beliefs that shaped my life (meaning, that I now know I have access to food and shelter, that my physical and spiritual safety are always taken care of, and that even what I currently have/own to my name is enough. More than enough, actually.) 

Eventually, I started working on the beliefs I carried about money, success, possibilities, and long-term assurances. I let go of accepting the limiting belief that I couldn’t reach the life I wanted, I stopped believing that my life was doomed to homelessness, losing valuable people in my life, and well... Poverty. 

And then, I started consciously allowing myself to hope for what I wanted, no longer confining myself to accepting that I can’t have what I desire and need in life, that it is my inherent right to belong, be safe, and have my needs taken care of. 

And, at last, I finally started believing that the universe (my life, myself, and/or my essence) actually had everything I needed to achieve what I want, and I traded my fears for gratitude. 

Gratitude revolutionized my entire life. It pushed me to seek and appreciate everything I already had, and nudged to the universe that I see what it is doing. 

But you see, only I could do that for myself and only I could determine what would and would not enter my life. 

When you focus on seeing lack everywhere, you will only find lack. When you seek to find things and circumstances to be grateful for, only gratitude and good things will come out of it. 

So, when it comes down to breaking up with Poverty Consciousness, you might feel like your entire world is shattering at the seams. You’re undoing a majority of what you’ve built your life on. You will most likely feel lost because you won’t be confusing the shitty circumstances in your life for what you think life really is. 

You’ll be faced with a whole new level of ownership in your life because you won’t excuse poor thoughts and behaviours for what life has done to you. Instead, you’ll trade that fear for appreciation of what you have and where you are. This will allow the space you once held for “not enough” to be replaced for a life of seeing more than enough everywhere you go. 

“Enough is as good as a feast.”

- My fortune cookie once said. 

And, in the midst of shattering every limitation you’ve ever imposed on yourself, you’ll be able to start from scratch and build a foundation (for your life) based on infinite possibilities, good luck, prosperity, abundance, and yes, happiness. You’ll rebuild a mindset and a life of unrestricted potential, success, and achievements - and it will all be according to your highest good and what is true to your heart. 

Whether you use your shitty beliefs as fuel to beget a new state of mind, or you fall back into poverty Consciousness, the choice is yours. 

Are you willing to keep believing illusions and lies you’ve told yourself as a result of not understanding any better? Or, are you ready to shatter every glass ceiling (that doesn’t exist) and finally let yourself soar?

Poverty is not your natural state. You are one with the infinite source of energy and life force. Stop deviating from Your truth, and begin aligning yourself with the abundant flow that is your life. You can and you will achieve what you desire, but only when you start believing that it is possible. 

And, baby, “it is possible.” 

Just let go of whatever is telling you otherwise... just let go of telling yourself otherwise. 

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