Owning your Beliefs | Filter Ideas when they Enter your Mind.

Hey guys,

I'm writing today as a means of breaking down and understanding my own upcoming theories, and possibly deciphering a valuable token of wisdom from what I’ve learned over the passed few days. 

This blog post came to my awareness after latching onto an idea that I wanted nothing to do with.

I was looking at a post about Astrology on Instagram today, and the post showed me something along the lines of "You're a Libra or a Taurus, so here are your faults and weaknesses."

Immediately, without having a shred of insight as to where the person behind the screen got their information, or why I would ever believe what an Instagram post would tell me, I caved in for a moment and lowered myself to what that post had told me.

And then, it struck me.

What? What am I doing here? I believed something I had no prior understanding of. I attached myself to an idea that didn't make me feel good. And, more importantly, I accepted information that could be totally wrong for me without a second thought to stop it.

I, without a moment of real awareness, affirmed to my brain that this information was to be followed... Even when I didn't want it to.

So, with that background story, have you ever fallen into a similar trap? Possibly reading an article, or looking somewhere for some guidance, and believing something you don't fully want or understand for the sole reason that you might not have filtered out your information?

I was going to write a lengthy post for this one, but the message is short and clear.

You've gotta be very careful with what you accept in your mind. 

Your conscious mind gives direction to your subconscious, and from there it will accept or reject certain ideas to be recognized as true. 

The important thing to note is that your subconscious mind can't tell the different between good constructive ideas vs. bad or destructive information.

It will accept whatever you consciously tell it to. Then, it will automate the use of that neural network for better or worse, and if you don't know where that data came from, or if you don't agree with the information you told yourself, you'll be left with conflicting beliefs that don't support what you truly want.

It seems like I had a bad habit of accepting all the information I received without filtering it through what I want and don't want, and what is true or untrue for me. 

Eventually, I realized it's as simple as telling yourself "no, I don't believe that," or "no, I won't accept this into my mind." And, when it comes to keeping potentially harmful information stored in your mind, there is no limit to how diligent and protective you can be.

Now, just to go one step further. Filtering, owning your beliefs (and not simply letting anything pass through your mind) works for new-coming beliefs and beliefs that are already imprinted in your mind.

If it doesn't feel good to you, if you check in with your feelings upon receiving new information, and it just doesn't feel right for you to accept (whether old beliefs, or new ones) you have the right to simply tell your brain "No. I don't want this belief, instead I would like [such and such belief]." And focus on that as consciously as possible. 

Like I said, your subconscious mind does everything the conscious mind will tell it. So, if you consciously accept something without full awareness, you might not have filtered enough and you could be adding an idea that doesn't fully align with what you want or need to know. Then, the automation of your subconscious mind will either bring you closer (to a positive state of mind) or further away from what you want to think and believe.

You have the power to achieve tremendous things in your life. But, it all rests upon what you feed to your conscious and subconscious mind. Are you going to use this valuable space to feed false or disempowering information to your mind? Or, will you add ideas of infinite possibilities, incredible new works, and knowledge that will serve you in all walks of life?

I hope this post reminds you the importance of guarding the gates of your mind. Think several times before accepting anything passing through. Filter each idea over and over again until each thought meets the highest standard of alignment for what you desire to bring into your life. 

There will be many areas of your life you’ll have to consciously choose what to think of. What story will you be telling yourself? Are you sure you’re thinking for yourself? 

Do not accept, whether in lack of awareness or laziness, any thoughts that do not bring you absolute joy and enlightenment. Stop yourself in your tracks whenever you are faced with an old arising belief or a new idea that will sink into your mind. Stay diligent with what you accept to be true. 

I’m conducting a lot of research on the conscious and subconscious minds these days. My dear readers, please expect more creative works that will enlighten you to the powers of your mind, as well as how to seize great use of your mentality through the understanding of the way each of these states of your mind are developed. 

I hope this blog post was useful for you, and the following articles will bring you insight that will propel you to use your mind to achieve great things. 

Until then, stay well. 

Sarah ELLEComment