My 5am Morning Visualization Technique | Placebo Effect via Coffee Affirmations?

Good morning, butterflies!

Happy Monday, everyone! I wish you all a beautiful week ahead.

Today’s post brings you behind the scenes of my 5am creative work routine. While shooting for my upcoming Health & Exercise Program, I stopped for my morning coffee and wanted to share my valuable visualization technique with you guys so you can benefit from this little exercise every morning before starting your day.

It’s a combination of Powerful Affirmations along with a visualization of adding Anything that you would like into your cup of morning coffee or tea.


What do you need in your cup this morning?

Will you sprinkle some patience, gratitude, love, or productivity?

What if you could add some forgiveness, kindness, sunshine, or creativity to your daily cup of coffee or tea?

Give yourself what you need today, and may the day ahead of you be creative and beautiful!

I love sharing these beautiful insights with you.

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I hope to continue cultivating positive and enlightening practices to share with you guys, to help you live your life more fully and inspire more creativity in your daily routine via TheButterflyEffect community!

All my love,

Sarah Elle