4 Tips for Dressing the Part of a Boss Babe without Breaking the Budget.

I never write fashion posts, or write any sort of Style, Branding, or clickbait articles, for that matter. But, today felt like a different day. On my quest to start guest posting more often, I started my day with a completely unique and different post from what I usually do. I was aiming for a more Cosmopolitan feel, and a blog post that would reach out to my young babes. Typically, I wouldn’t bother to publish this, but hey… 2019 is about reaching outside my comfort zone and doing things that are new (and oddly scary) for me. 

Let’s get to it!


Oh, yeah… and…

*Pre-post Disclaimer: I literally had to contour my face, fix my hair, chose the trendiest outfit in my closet and some heels on top of that, as a means of putting myself in the mindset of writing this post as fashionably and effectively as possible.

If that doesn’t spell dedication, I don’t know what does.


But, speaking of dedication, fashion and our sense of style is another part of our life that demands a high level of commitment. To wake up every day and dress ourselves to feel our best is to act the part of our Highest Self, even on the days we don’t feel like it. Fashion is an outlet for bringing life to a version of our Self we wish to be, by simply putting on an outfit or purchasing new items for our wardrobe.


Through the material and designs, we find most sophisticated for the role we want to play, mine being the freelance journalist, yours maybe being the hardworking babe climbing her way to the top, we’re all looking to find the outfit most suitable for becoming the woman we desire to be.

So, what do you do when you want to play the role of the successful Boss Babe, but your current reality (like mine) says otherwise? How can you dress the part of a designer shopper when your bank account says “Second hand shop?”

You might feel like a wealthy, sexy CEO, but when you check that balance, it’s more like “Recovering Credit Card ADDICT.” Oops!


That’s why, today, I am sharing with you the top secrets of looking the part, without spending the part.

Ever heard of FashionNova?

Truly, I’m sure you have. Their ad budget is loud enough for anyone with an Internet connection and the slightest interest in clothing to know who they are, loud and clear.  

But, if you’re unfamiliar with the rising brand, FashionNova is the trendiest and most sophisticated clothing company of the year, as they have been for the last 2-3 years. They’re the most searched Instagram brand of the decade, but apart from that, they are also the world’s TOP Style shop for affordable clothing.

Whether you’ve been looking for day-to-day outfits, a New Year’s ensemble, some sexy lingerie to spice up the bedroom, or literally any accessory item you can think of, FashionNova’s got it and it’s probably on sale.


That’s what I love about them so much! They’re always clearing the hottest designs!

80% OFF, here, and an additional 20% OFF, there. Sale items, today, with a MASSIVE blowout sale, tomorrow.

In other words, ladies, our prayers have been answered!

So, I don’t know what your budget looks like. But, if you’ve been thinking of a new suit for your interview, or you want to dress the part of getting that raise; if you’ve been trying to impress a big-shot CEO, or you just want something new for your closet, let me enlighten you on how to get as much value for your dollar bill as possible!


Here’s my top-secret tips!

1.    Shop the Clearance Section, first!

There’s no doubt that when you first hit that homepage, you’ll be bombarded with their latest styles and brand-new designs! $45.99, here. $65.00, there. But, in the fast-fashion world, every new outfit is recycled from an old one. Why blindside yourself over a marketing technique, when you can shop the same designer pieces for 90% OFF the homepage racks?

You’d be silly not to!  

For example, when this Short-Sleeved crop top came out and was featured on the Homepage, it was $17.99. Now, you can find it in the Blowout section for $4.78! See what I mean?

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 3.03.15 PM.png


Don’t get your knickers in a twist when you see really cool designs on the Homepage. A month from now, when they have little to no inventory left, you’ll find the same design that was once sold for $65.00 on the clearance rack for $15.00.

Now. Before you head off to the next tip in my Top-Secret files, I do want to remind you that the Clearance sections are normally limited in sizes.



Don’t forget it.

I’ve been so disappointed, sometimes, because I found the cutest outfit, for like $5.00, but they no longer carry it in my size. The sexiest pair of stilettos, for ten dollars! But, they’re sold out in my six-and-a-half!

So, remember this. They’re literally price-chopping because there’s little-to-no inventory left. You can find the best bargain because they’re nearly nothing left to bargain with. Stay mindful about it, and shop with your eyes open! The last thing you want is to compromise the right fit for an item on sale.


2.    Shop Prices: Low-to-High

Every online store has a list of navigation options that allow you to sort through their pages quickly and effectively. Whether you want to shop their “Best-selling” or “Newest” designs, find their “Featured” Items, or if you want to shop according to Pricing options, from “Highest to Lowest,” or “Low-to-High.”

Generally, you’ll find all the upselling items in the top four options, “Best Sellers,” “Newest,” “Featured” Items, or “Prices: High to Low.” These are simple filters they put on the shop to help tailor each user-experience according to what their potential clients want.


Well, where do you think we, Budget Fashionistas, love to shop the most? Hell, yes, girl!!!

“Prices: Low to High!”

This doesn’t mean you’re getting any lower quality items, or that the outfits you’ll find are any worse. This just shows you a new way to filter through each design without scrolling for too long (just kidding, without getting tempted or sidetracked, cough, cough!) before you find the best pieces for your budget.

It honestly doesn’t matter which category you choose to look through, from Jeans to Activewear, Last Chance, Sale, or Blowout; these are just the filters that will help eliminate the options that are outside of your preference. (My preference being CHEAAAAAAP!)

 You’ll usually find the filter box on the top-right-hand side of your page. Click through your ideal filter (…I’m watching you…) and begin your shopping experience. From what you’ll notice, the “Price: Low to High” will immediately begin at the lowest price in the category. You’ll go from seeing items (that give you anxiety) priced at $45.00 per piece, to finding the cutest outfits and accessories, starting at just $2.00!

3.    The Heavy use of Discounts!

One of the top reasons FashionNova is amongst my list of favorite clothing stores is because they’re always offering some sort of discount! Like, every day.

On Mondays, you can spin the wheel of additional coupons. On Tuesdays, you’ve been emailed a separate Discount Code. On Wednesdays, we wear pink. Oh! And, we take advantage of their 80% OFF Blowout Sale!

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 3.26.11 PM.png

So, really, there’s no use in ignoring these Coupon Codes, because they are our friends!!! Not to mention, they’re being promoted for a reason. I don’t know whoever taught you that it’s bad or unnecessary to use discounts. I say there’s absolutely no shame in doing so. Use them, don’t let them go to waste, because if you don’t, the only thing that’s really being wasted is the hard-earned paycheque you’ve been working overtime for, so… Let’s get to it, ladies!

Other than the obvious marketing attempts they use to entice their customers to buy more while they think they’re spending less, there’s another way you can take advantage of better discounts.

4.    Honey, meet Honey.

Honey is a browser Add-On that, internally, searches every alternative on the web to find you the best discounts available for your shopping experience. (Paid promo, pls?)

You simply install the add-on to your Chrome or Safari browser, and any time you make it to the checkout page, it will search its database to find you the greatest number of discounts for the store you’re shopping with. Then, you’ll select your favorite discount code and it will automatically apply it to your order.


So, FashionNova, for example.

Every time I thought I was getting a good deal, I’d open the Honey app and humbly accept that I was (horribly, horribly) wrong. Honey, from time to time, would bring me up to an additional 40% OFF my already discounted items, bringing me from a steady $75.00 order to an exciting $20.00 OFF!


I would highly recommend any shopper, whether in Fashion or any other online purchase, to simply install the add-on. It’s totally free, there’s no download required, and you don’t even need to create an account to take advantage of their discounts. (Again, where is my paid promo?)

It’s so simple, so quick, and easy to use; and, not to mention, you can reveal tons of discounts you wouldn’t have otherwise known about if not for the Honey app.


So, ladies. Those are my favorite tips for Shopping on a budget. FashionNova is hands down my go-to for Online Fashion and Styling myself beyond my bank account limits.


Now, remember, ladies. There are some items that are necessary to our closet for acting the part of our Higher Self. There are designs that can promote the feeling of being a Boss babe CEO, and then there are the outfits we don’t really need.

Being a recovering Shopaholic, myself, I need us all to recognize when we really need an outfit, or when we’re fantasizing about the time we’ll wear that sparkling gown. Fashion on a Budget doesn’t mean, for a second, that we’re not as fabulous as we are, it just means that we need to be wiser with our purchases.

I’ve given you my favorite tips for shopping the best outfits without breaking the bank, now, the decision lies in your hands… and your credit card. Don’t make my mistakes. Recognize when you’re deliberately shopping for something in need, and when you’re just thinking with your latest paycheque.

It’s important to dress the part of the CEO, or sexy successful boss we want to be. But, there is an outdated mindset that you have to pay the part, and it’s wrong. Be the Boss, Dress for the role you want to accomplish, but don’t break yourself paying for the look.


I wish you guys the best shopping experience ever!  

All my love,

Sarah Elle

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