My 30-Day Transformation to Better Health | Will you join me?

Hello readers,

How are you all feeling these days? We're down to the last few months of 2019 and opening ourselves to a new decade of personal resolutions. Have you noticed any symptoms of the coming times? I found that 2019 was really eye-opening and full of healing, mentally and physically.

Over the last five years, especially since starting TheButterflyEffect, I realized that my progress comes from pushing myself beyond my self-set limitations. My brand has brought me a lifestyle of constant personal growth, and teaches me that it's better to push through the discomfort of evolution than to sit back and fall from old habits.

Every day, I work to release decades of outdated thinking, let go of fears and limiting beliefs I've carried since childhood, and shift into a higher perspective that transcends anything that keeps me from loving myself and being happy.

Now that I'm facing a whole new decade, I'm healing a part of myself that has always brought me trouble: my self-image and my personal health.

Now is the perfect time to let you know that, while I speak a lot about Mental Health, one of my greatest hurdles has always been my physical well-being.

With 2020 around the corner, I intend to let go of self-sabotaging behaviors that keep me from optimal health. I want to love myself at every stage of my life and finally eliminate whatever depletes me of my strength and energy... and, that’s been my mentality in diet and fitness...

In my moments of honesty, I realized that there have been so many times in my life where I despised what I saw in the mirror and actually proceeded to take action on an "immediate solution" that was not a healthy alternative. From this, I decided to let go of my extreme tendencies of "fixing" my physique and manipulating my self-image.

From this, I learned that most of us have faced a moment in our life where we hated our reflection or did something stupid to "fix" it. Right now, there more people are out there jeopardizing their physical health for instant results, than actually working on their progress to fuel their body and attain their goal physique. So...

Enter the 30-Day Transformation Team.

The angels God sent me to finally understand the value of working on yourself everyday... the right way. The lovers that live by what it means to love yourself at all stages of your progression. The team that promotes working for your goals, treating your body right, and developing yourself Mind, Body and Spirit to attain your desired results... for real this time.

Queue Kathy Freeman.

The woman who taught me the value of hard-work, dedication, and loving yourself every day while you pursue your goals to become your greatest self.

While I initially followed Kathy to learn how I could grow my booty (...guilty, 🍑) I quickly adopted her determination and followed her journey to helping people heal themselves while making long-term shifts in their paradigm of health.

Transformation after Transformation. Results after Results. I finally approached Luther and Kathy for assistance in my journey. The 30-Day transformation team designs customized programs for men and women to reach their long-term health goals. Whether you're ready to lose a few pounds, build a healthy body, or you're truly aiming to heal a lifetime of toxic behaviors; I'm introducing you to to none-other than Luther and Kathy Freeman.

Like I said, when I first started I was only focused on one thing: my physique. Sure, I wanted to push myself in my exercise routines, find creative and challenging workouts that would keep me motivated to follow my regimen. But, I sought so many other fitness trainers that were purely physical... and none of them embodied what I was looking for... Except for Kathy and Luther.

At first, I firmly believed this article would be dedicated to the long list of reasons why you should start. But, the truth is, that reason is different for all of us. It actually took me the last few years to find my reasons why. But, every single day, as I would show up for the next phase in my program, I would reveal to myself endless reasons why it was important for me to keep going and keep getting healthier.

When I did the initial assessment, which included sharing my ideal body goals, uploading photos and measuring my dimensions [so I could receive my uniquely customized plan,] I was faced with the first few opportunities to reveal the deeper reasons I was getting involved. By sharing my (purely physical goals) I knew there was something more authentic than that... something that would keep me motivated to stick to my commitments and act differently this time.

It's been two weeks, so far, and I'm noticing real progress. For one, there is a whole new dimension of energy that is present when I'm at the gym. It's not just working out to get fit. I'm exercising to release old energy and allow space for the new stuff to come in.

I've never been formally motivated to work out. It's always either been an obligation (to see physical results) or a need to avoid something deeper. Now, there is excitement to push myself to new heights and an enthusiasm to see how mentally strong I am to push through the discomfort of resistance and weight training.

When I think of my diet, I'll be honest. I haven't followed 100% on par to their meal plan... yet. I have noticed a deeper desire to fuel my body with healthy and nutrient-dense foods. And, I promise you, I'm actually thinking twice before putting anything in my body. This comes from a real drive to feed my body what I want to get out of it. I'm not binge-eating or depriving myself. And, I'm consciously listening to what my body needs.

Come to think of it, the root of their exercises aren’t too difficult either... I couldn't imagine a wide-range of people being able to workout like a pro if they were new at this game. But, it's the intensity and pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone that I appreciate the most. Half the workouts are based in the gym and require some form of heavy lifting and gym equipment. The other half of the workouts can easily be accomplished in the comfort of your own home. They include body-weight exercises and resistance bands, and lots of repetition. The more, the merrier.

Not to mention, my continuous progression comes from the internal motivation to work harder than I did the day before. There isn't anyone telling you what to do, but you're not the only one holding yourself accountable either. You have weekly progress reports to keep up with, which means Luther and Kathy are watching you.

From Day 1 to Day 6, I noticed a permanent pump and a huge difference in my energy levels.

You can tell the massive difference within ONLY 6 days, as I share the photos above.

Now, my goals are probably different than yours, which is why I recommend looking into the programs that suit your interests. There are 30-day and 90-day plans for Men, Women, and even couples. I've got about 3 weeks left of my first transformation program. Within that timeline, I am going to share more progress updates with you.

The next time you hear from me, I'll share the real physical, dietary, and mental results. I'll give you my real input from training with Luther and Kathy’s program. But, for this article, I wanted you to know that your health is the foundation of a happy and balanced life. If you don't have your health or energy, you don't have anything.

No matter what you think your goals are, I encourage you to dig deeper. About two weeks ago, my whole world revolved around the size of my waist and my behind🍑... Today, I'm affirming that I am on my journey to a Healthy Mind, Body, AND Spirit.

I hope you'll join Luther, Kathy, and myself to find out what your goals are, and take all the personal steps with us to get you there.

I've listed their links all over this article, but feel free to check below for more photos, links, and social references to start your journey today.

I love you all, and I can't wait to build a happier, healthier world alongside two of my greatest inspirations.