3 Lies you Need to stop believing about being an Online Coach.

You’ve been thinking about it for some time now… Your skills, your passions, the knowledge you possess and the expertise you have in a specific area of your life, you know that those are your tickets out of the rat-race. You know you’ve got tons of experience and wisdom to pass on to clueless people around the world, who need exactly what you have to offer. But, for some reason, when it comes down to it… you’re not fully convinced you should do the work, and you’re still living off the hopeless wish that you can just skip to the part where people are paying you for your time and information.


Wake up, buster.

It’s time to get real, here.


So, sure. You might have already gotten started; you launched that blog, your website is up, you’re cold-calling leads for a chance they’ll invest in you as opposed to the bigwig out there with a fancier logo and platform.

You know you got it… on the inside… yet something always seems to be stopping you from truly going after it.

You might still have a PLAN B in your pocket, you might still be working your dead-end job in fear that this “online coaching” thing might not work out for you… Or, as common as it is, you’re probably still procrastinating on the idea that it might just not be meant for you because someone, out there, might be doing it better. 

Stop making excuses for yourself.


“Someone out there is more qualified than me.”

“I’m not 100% sure that what I’m saying is right.”

“That famous guy/girl is already doing it, they know more than me.”


One. Stop yourself right there. Two. Stop f*cking lying to yourself!


Those, right there, are the three biggest lies you’ve been telling yourself about what it means to be an online coach. And, my friend, you really gotta stop believing them.

If there’s anything that will stop you before getting started, it’s your own damn Self.

Today, I’m gonna help you identify those three lies, so that whenever they come up again (no matter how it sounds, or how it hides itself in that little – big – head of yours) you can cut the bullshit, before the bullshit cuts you. 

Lie #1: “I don’t have enough Credentials.”

This is the easiest way to give up before getting started.

You’re feeding into the lie that you need a fancy NBA (or, was it MBA) … (No, that’s right, that fancy NBA🏀) or some certification in order to be the expert you want to be.  


It’s not true.

You don’t need to study 8 years to come out and say what you need to say. The knowledge, experience, and wisdom you have doesn’t need to be backed up by some foreign certification.

All you need is to get started and provide as much information as you have in order to gain the validity you think you need to be that “online coach.”


Look at me! I’m 21 years old and helping people get their life together. I make programs that teach people how to use their mind in better ways, and start living the life they want to live.

What do I know about Life? What do I know about the mind? Mine is barely developed!

I don’t have much education. I don’t have any more certifications than the next guy, and more than anything, I’m not a “certified” coach.

What the f*ck does that even mean?

So, catch yourself on your own bullshit. The next time you use the lack of a formal education, or the lack of an 8-week program certification, to title yourself as a credible source of information, realize the lie and just go for it.


The second lie that people tell themselves, which most are probably unaware they’re using as an excuse, is that you have to have it all figured out before you go for it.

Lie #2: “I need my sh*t together.”

LIE! No one ever has their shit together!

Some are just better at hiding it, and using it for constructive purposes, than others!

The truth is, in Life, in business, in anything – really; you’re never going to 100% know, for sure and certain, exactly what you’re doing.

It’s called winging it, people! And, the most successful people in life are the best at doing it.


So, stop using it as an excuse not to get started. Who cares if your life isn’t where you want it to be? Who cares if your life is a mess! Some of the most qualified information comes from solving these problems!

Do you think I got to where I’m at because I “had my shit together?” Heck, no! I became successful at “Life coaching” because my life was a disaster!

Like I said, you just need to use it for constructive purposes.

Maybe if you stop using this as an excuse, you can gain insight from it; insight you can use to propel yourself in your coaching identity!


But, lastly, but most importantly, catch yourself in the lie that “Someone better is already doing/saying it!” 

Lie #3: “Someone is already doing it better than me.”

Really? I can’t even believe you used that as an excuse! Who, in the world, is better at doing you, than you?!

Okay… I do… sometimes… use this one as an excuse to fuel my procrastination, so I get it. But, we need to work together to cut the crap! It’s not true!


What we have, our message, our skills, our passion and drive is so unique to the world. No one has your perspective! No one has the experience you have to back up and share the wisdom you provide! So, why would you say that someone “better” (really, better?) is already doing it!

No one is already doing you, only you can do you.

And, sure, with all the social media out there, the trends of “highlight real” and appearing more successful than we are, it is easy to believe the masks that people are wearing. But, even if they are doing great, use them as inspiration to propel yourself in doing what you want to do.


Even if they list 50 reasons they’re more certified than you, and you have 50 reasons why you’re a “more qualified” coach, use their reasons as the inspiration that will bring you to 100.  

The point here is that you’re just as qualified, worthy, or whatever the hell you wanna call it, as anyone else out there. The difference is they’re not lying to themselves and coming up with infinite excuses as to why they can’t achieve it!  

You don’t need to be “certified, or graduated” to have valuable knowledge. You don’t always need to have everything figured out before you go for your dreams or have important wisdom to share. And, most importantly, stop believing that there’s anyone out there doing you better than you. It’s not true!  

Your perspective is unique, and your approach is needed in the eye of your beholder. What you need to do is stop telling yourself anything that will keep you from just going for it. If you want to be that coach, and charge people money for your time and expertise, you need to go out there and be that coach! Share what you have!


My biggest piece of advice is to stop focusing so much on the bullshit that will keep you in safety, and just do everything you can to get your message out there, to as many different people as possible!

And, if for some reason, people choose someone else over you, that’s okay! They’re probably not ready for you anyways. Find people who believe in you and what you have to provide. From there, no certification, life-situation, or person out there will out-offer what you have to give.

Look! I’m doing it! I’m telling you about the lies you need to stop believing about “Online coaching” … and, yet, throughout this entire blog post, I was worried I wasn’t qualified, reputable, or worthy enough to say it!

See how things work?

Come check out more of my unqualified, unreputable, and unworthy pieces! I’ve got tons of advice, backed up by my uncertified, out of control, totally unique life!


All my love,

Sarah Elle


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