Hey everyone,

My name is Sarah Elle, short for Elizabeth. I'd like to share my warm welcome to you and yours, and thank you for visiting my website.

It all started when…

My journey to enlightened happiness started over 6 years ago, when I was a student to Psychology, Creative Writing, and Business. As my experience continued on, I developed a curious passion for Emotional Intelligence and Transpersonal Psychology (otherwise known as Spiritual Psychology). From my own challenges in Mental and Emotional Health, I made it my purpose to push myself (and, later, others)  to constantly exercise Self-Awareness and Mindful Personal Development.

In combination to the tremendous results I was noticing within myself, it quickly became a thrill for me to assist other people in their own Self-Discovery. I decided to build Transformation Guides, which included structured daily planners for aligning your Lifestyle with your Goals and combining it with all my research in Mindfulness, Emotional Awareness, Mental Healing, and Business Development. All of my work has been accomplished through the ultimate hope of sharing my love and wisdom for this Life.

All in All, my message is clear; You do have the power to create the Life that you love, it just takes Conscious Effort, Self-Love, Discipline, and a Shift within your Mentality.

The journey to Self-Realization is long and challenging. But, with the mass number of resources available to the world, the love and light that everyone carries within them, and with the knowledge you need to execute your goals - We can do this together.

My goal here is to uplift and support everyone I meet on their own Journey to the Life they want to live. I hope you'll join me and share your wisdom, as we collectively work together to rise and succeed in the creation of our best Life.


All my love,

Sarah Elle