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'Cause and Effects'

TheButterflyEffect is an organized Personal development program, that is made up 13-months of Enlightening Advice and Life Practices. Experts in Positive Psychology influenced the structure of every page, so each layout is both effortless and fully customizable to all users.

Put all your habits and current mindsets into perspective. Re-evaluate everything you've accepted for so long, and begin choosing your life story, from here on out.

One Life, One Story.

TheButterflyEffect is a Life Planner, broken down into a full-year Journey towards Growth & Happiness. Discover vital techniques & insights that you incorporate into your routine to start building your ideal life.

Personal & Goal development, In-depth weekly Insights, Positivity and Gratitude logs, Health & Exercise Tracking, and much more.


Learn, Grow, Evolve.

TheButterflyEffect is a Powerful Productivity system, and a Journey towards Positive Transformation. It's a two-series book of insights and techniques, that serves to remind you of what it takes to build your happiest & most fulfilling life. A planner book that motivates and guides you towards turning your short-term goals into long-term results.

For less than a dollar per phase, you can get a fully functional Planner to turn your dreams into action.